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Before Treatment

Westie West Highland Terrier Atopica Atopy Skin Itchy

6 Weeks After Treatment

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We have a new pet of the month but I can not give her name, lets call her “”HAPPY”” for now.

She came to us after seeing many other veterinarians – all doing very good jobs for her. But in this case she just was not quite right, although very happy, She is a 14 year old medium size beautiful girl with a very loving and dutifull owner. Her dad brings her in from across the city, puttin i exceptional care and effort. Over the last year we have helped to manage a very early congestive heart disease issue with our new cardiac ultrasound. With the advent of “telemedicine” we can do alot of specialty work at our clinic now. Many specialists were involved with her care through internet medicine and we got her on heart medicadtion at the perfect time in her disease, preventing any serious and life threatening progress at this point. Even with her new diagnosis 4 months ago, she enjoys the dog park and regular daily , playful exercise.

During this period of more intensive care at our facility, we had an early detection of a mild white blood cell increase. Routine blood work can be done at our in-hospital lab but can also be TRENDED again with our main lab in north Toronto. With farly advance trending of blood values, and a very motivated loving owner, we left no stone unturned. This was very lucky as with advanced staining techniques of blood cells, we found an ealry leukemia like disease. But Dad did not stop there. As an emergency procedure we than did a full abdominal ultrasound and biopsied an unusual but normal size spleen and also the liver and found a differnet kind of leukemia lke disease in the liver. This diagnosis is Lymphoma.

I do want to say that the ultrasound was the only way to detect this new part of this disease other than much more expensive MRI’s and Cat Scans.

With the adavantage of a little higher level of medicine and our new ultrasound, we have the earliest possible diagnosis, AND before Happy has even shown any illness. She will get full chemo therapy at our clinic but very specific to her needs as she has an advanced managed heart condition, with many telemedicine specialists helping us. Lucky for her, and again because of early detection, she ahs a much better chance of long term survival. She would have only had 2 more months on average, but at 14 years of age and acting fairly young, the chemo has excellent clinical response for this disease and has very minimal side effects when procured with very specialized care. We really hpe she will be with us for over 1 more year with this early detection, and she will get as much TLC as she needs in our care. When I see her at the dog park she still waggs her tail and comes over for a hug and a pet from me, not to mention Newf,

As all the pets in our clinic are dear to our heart, so is Happy. And we wish Happy the best luck for her new phase of her life