Great news!  Our sparkling new dental x-ray machine has been installed and is now fully operational.  The dental radiograph machine produces state of the art digital x-rays.  This will allow for a thorough diagnosis and inspection of any and all dental disease.

More than half of all oral disease cannot be diagnosed without dental radiographs.  We can only visualize the upper portion of the tooth and the gums without using x-rays.  Until now, it has been near impossible for us to assess tooth roots and the surrounding bone.  Having dental x-rays will allow us to diagnose and treat dental disease at a much earlier stage.  This will ensure a pain free and happy mouth for all our future dental patients.

Our first dental x-ray patient was a two year old cat with seemingly perfect teeth from exterior examination.  This x-ray revealed a feline resorptive lesion (cat cavity) which undoubtedly was causing Nelson pain.  After having the tooth removed, Nelson will no longer have to live in pain.

Feline dental neck lesion with geographic bone lysis

Notice the root is less than half the size of the other root on the same tooth. The black in the surrounding bone is showing that the bone is being dissolved.

Contact us if you’re interested in finding out what lies beneath the surface of your pets’ mouth.  If you would like additional information regarding dental x-rays, feel free to call.

Until next time,

King West Vets Team